Rafael Cruz

Mike Morton (from left), with the Rome Tea party; Rafael Cruz, father of presidential candidate Ted Cruz; and Hannah Payne speak before Cruz delivers his address Monday, april 13, 2015, at Congregation Beth Aliyah. Hannah helped bring Cruz to Rome, where he spoke Sunday and Monday to a number of groups. (Alan Riquelmy/RN-T.com)

The father of presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz told a Rome audience Monday that they “might as well kiss this country goodbye” if voters elect Hillary Clinton as their next president.

Rafael Cruz, a pastor and political firebrand, told his audience that the Bible gives clear qualifications for political candidates and urged people to get involved in the political process, arguing the problem with Washington, D.C., is an entrenched establishment in both parties.

“If we have someone like Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, you might as well kiss this country goodbye,” Cruz said. “This country is gone. We are fighting for the survival of America.”

Cruz spoke to a crowd of over 100 people at Congregation Beth Aliyah at a gathering hosted by the Rome Tea Party, receiving several rounds of applause and standing ovations. The father of the first Republican to formally announce his bid for the 2016 presidential nomination, Rafael Cruz related his personal story of leaving Cuba in the late 1950s and his strong conservative beliefs that helped shape his son from a young age.

Silence at the ballot box is a powerful message, Cruz argued, and that apathy is the reason America finds itself in its current position. God didn’t put President Barack Obama into power; instead it was a lack of enough voters to push him from office, he said.

Pointing to Exodus 18:21 as guidelines for picking elected leaders, Cruz said the nation should select able men and women who fear God, people of truth who hate covetousness.

“Lets stop electing the village idiot,” Cruz said before listing a series of scandals and missteps by the Obama administration including Benghazi, the Ebola scare and Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Cruz emphasized the importance of Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, which defines the powers of Congress. He then asked why the federal government should force the nation to accept secular humanism and Common Core.

“According to Article 1, Section 8, the Department of Education is unconstitutional and we should get rid of it,” Cruz said.

Cruz said the nation must return to its framers’ intentions — obeying the law and each person living within his or her means. America must be a beacon of light for others. Instead it currently has a commander-in-chief who apologizes on the country’s behalf.

“He’s out to destroy us,” one woman exclaimed from the audience as Cruz discussed Obama.

Ending his oratory, Cruz had everyone stand and take a pledge that included the oath “To make America again that shining city on a hill.”

“Thank you,” Cruz said. “God bless you, and God bless America.”


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