The Floyd County Public Safety Committee will hold a special called meeting Thursday at 9 a.m. to discuss updating the animal control ordinances — especially an ordinance concerning animals left tied up without supervision.

Public Animal Welfare and Services Director Jeff Mitchell said many local ordinances aren’t up to date, with a few dating as far back at the 1970s.

A major change he and other county officials support is instituting an unassisted tether ban. That proposal would prohibit owners from leaving dogs chained up outside without supervision.

There are numerous hazards that come with the use of an unassisted tether, Mitchell said, including the potential for the dog choking itself or becoming more aggressive and territorial.

Other ordinances to review include how to care for domesticated animals — specifying what temperatures are safe for animals to be left outside or structure requirements for dog houses, for example.

County Commissioners Rhonda Wallace, Scotty Hancock and Allison Watters plan to be present at the meeting.

While there will be a quorum of the elected board, Mitchell said there won’t be a vote and that these are preliminary steps before it’s officially sent to the Floyd County Commission.

The 9 a.m. meeting will take place at the Thornton Recreation Center at 102 N. Floyd Park Road. It’s open to the public and anyone attending is asked to wear a mask.

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