Rome Police Department

After an investigation into what was reported as an abduction attempt in the parking lot of Harbin Clinic’s cardiology building on Redmond Road on Tuesday, the Rome police investigators said Thursday there is no evidence to back up that claim.

Police investigated the report and “found that there is no evidence of an attempted abduction,” a release posted Thursday stated.

The activity was caught on security video at the building at 504 Redmond Road.

“The video shows a red pickup truck pull up and a white female goes around to the end of the truck,” Rome Assistant Police Chief Debbie Burnett said. “(The complainant) walks up and helps get the walker out of the truck and they both walk into the Harbin building. There is no sense of urgency.”

Since that report there have been widespread social media posts about numerous attempted abductions in Rome.

“The Rome Police Department does not have any information about any other attempted abductions as reported on social media,” the release stated.

According to a Rome Police Department report filed on Wednesday:

On Tuesday at 3:01 p.m., police responded to a report of a possible attempted abduction.

The complainant reported that two hours earlier at 1:15 p.m. in the drive of the main entrance to Harbin Clinic a red pickup truck with a camper shell occupied by an older white female and a male driver stopped to allow her to go inside the clinic.

She said she went to assist the older female remove her walker from the bed of the truck. In that report the complainant stated the tailgate shut and she pushed her way out of the truck.

At no point does the report state the complainant was forced into the truck or held in the truck against her will. Also, police stated, during that time there were numerous people going in and out of the clinic.

The complainant had a weird feeling about the interaction, Burnett said, but wasn’t assaulted. As she told others about the interaction she was encouraged to report the incident to police.


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