Ashley Nycole Jones

Ashley Nycole Jones

Findings of a toxicology test on the body of Ashley Nycole Jones have made it even more important for police to collect as much information as possible on her death.

Floyd County police Sgt. Chris Fincher said Monday that a report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab labels the toxicology results inconclusive.

The result was caused by several factors connected with the discovery of Jones’ body in a wooded area near Kingston Highway on March 27 after she had been missing for seven weeks, Fincher said, but he would not go into detail.

The setback has left investigators waiting for a cause of death to be determined by a full autopsy, which is still pending. Until then, police continue to treat the case as a suspicious death, and no suspects have been named.

“Obviously, if you go with anything, it’s best to have the whole story rather than making a decision based on half of the evidence,” Fincher said. “So we will make a decision when we have all of the evidence in front of us.”

Floyd County Coroner Barry Henderson said further analysis will be in the final autopsy report, but the circumstances of the case could make it difficult to come up with a definitive answer.

“It could be a while before they actually publish a cause and manner of death,” Henderson said. “And in this case it could very well end up being undetermined.”

Fincher said they want to speak to anyone who was in contact with the 24-year-old mother of three before she went missing on Feb. 5 from a Canard Road address, off of Kingston Highway.

“If they have not been in contact with police yet, we would like to hear from them,” Fincher said. “Because we need answers just as much as the family does.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Floyd County police at 706-235-7766.


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