Like many other government facilities, Floyd County Public Animal Welfare Services has closed its doors to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, people still have the chance to adopt dogs and cats at PAWS through their new virtual adoption service.

PAWS Director Jeff Mitchell has been taking pictures and videos over the past week of some of the animals available for adoption at the shelter at 99 North Ave.

Starting Monday, people can go online to the Adopting a Pet page on the PAWS website to view the pictures and videos.

If someone is interested in one of the pets, they can call the PAWS facility at 706-236-4537 and sign up for a trial adoption.

Since people won’t be able to interact with the dogs in the PAWS facility, they’ll take the dog home to learn more about its personality.

“If it doesn’t work, they can bring it back and we’ll try another animal with them,” Mitchell said.

To limit contact with the public, all paperwork will be handled over the phone and the dog will be brought out to the PAWS parking lot for pickup.

The PAWS director went on to say that they are still putting together rescue transports for the time being and that they are working on two transports right now.

For people interested in fostering a cat or dog from PAWS, Mitchell said that they are waiting to hear from the Georgia Department of Agriculture on how to handle fosters. Normally, the state requires home visits to check on the animal’s well-being.

“Fostering is going to be an option, but I need to get with the Department of Agriculture to find out what the amended requirements are going to be,” Mitchell said.

As a precaution, all of the animal control officers have been answering calls and going out on patrols from their homes.

For now, they’re only taking emergency calls, such as injured animals or animals that are an immediate danger to people. This is to help limit the amount of exposure the officers have with the public.

At this time, PAWS is suspending all animal surrenders, but the officers are still picking up animals on the road that seem to be sick, injured or vicious.

Mitchell said that the house dog, Gunner, is still getting lots of attention from the staff, but the mascot misses seeing new people every day.

“He is getting loved on by all of us here still working at the shelter, but he definitely misses the public coming in and saying hey to him,” he said.

Anyone interested in donating to PAWS, call their number to set up a drop off of any supplies. You can also make monetary donations at this time. Mitchell said that as the weather warms up, they’ll be in need of flea shampoo and medications.

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