Silver Sneakers meet at Etowah Park

Members of the Silver Sneakers group which meets at Etowah Park were all appropriately physically distanced during their get together Thursday after the park was reopened.

While the temperatures are heating up and schools begin to finish out the year, the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation have put starting up their summer day camps on hold for the time being.

While they were initially preparing to start the camps, Gov. Brian Kemp’s latest executive order concerning summer camps made them pause. The order has 32 requirements for day camps to operate under, including disinfecting equipment after each group’s use, providing masks for all the campers and staff each day and other safety guidelines.

“We were planning on starting on June 1, but we’re not sure if it would be something people are going to want to do and put their kids in,” Parks and Rec Director Todd Wofford said.

While they haven’t officially canceled summer camps, they are on hold for the time being.

However, since they’ve has reopened all their parks and amenities this week, Wofford has seen people from all over the area flocking to the parks.

“People seem to be trying to do the social distancing and it’s just going to be pretty and it’s warm so everybody wants out,” the director said.

Lock & Dam Park, which had been closed to the public since late March, has seen lots of people coming out to use the boat ramp and go fishing.

The campsites at the park remain close, but Wofford said they’re planning on reopening the campsites on May 29.

Originally, the department had planned on doing a needs assessment survey to create a new master plan for the parks and rec department.

The last master plan was created over 20 years ago and is in need of a big update.

The department had just begun looking at possible consulting companies to hire for the surveying before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

The master plan would require surveyors to go out and ask people what they want to see at the local parks and the parks and rec department would host several public hearings throughout the year.

“I think, coming out of this, our needs and master plan may change because of what we’re going through now,” Wofford said. “I think it’s probably best that we put it on hold ... we may have a little different perspective 12 months from now about where we want our community and the city and county’s parks and rec to go over the next 10 years.”

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