Floyd County Schools

Questions from the public have arisen since the recent resignation of former Floyd County Schools Superintendent Jeff Wilson, but few answers are forthcoming.

The severance agreement between Wilson and the school system was obtained through an Open Records Act request on Wednesday.

Among the items listed in the severance agreement are: keeping terms of the agreement confidential as well as promises not to speak negatively about any party involved.

Floyd County School Board Chair Tony Daniel said only that Wilson’s resignation was a mutual agreement and praised his past service.

“He did a great job for the school system,” Daniel said. “We had a discussion with him and the board and he decided it was time to go. We appreciate everything he did for the school system.”

Wilson could not be reached for comment but has a period of seven days after Aug. 17 to revoke the agreement in its entirety.

The agreement stated that the former Floyd County Schools superintendent will receive his current annual salary of $200,000 for a period of 12 months and will remain on the system’s health insurance until Oct. 31.

As part of the deal school district, both parties essentially agreed to not sue each other and released rights to pursue any future perceived claims.

“Employee agrees to refrain from speaking negatively about and/or from disparaging the School District, its employees, agents, or representatives, the School Board Members, assistant superintendents, and/or any of its operations, in any form or fashion, either directly or indirectly, whether verbally or in any written form, to any third parties or person. This covenant not to disparage includes refraining from publishing, or causing to be published, any statements, remarks, or comments on any form of social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other site and/or social-media platform on the world-wide web or Internet.”

The school district also pledged to do the same.

The contract for interim Superintendent Glenn White hadn’t been finalized as of Wednesday, Daniel said.

White, a longtime FCS employee who has served the school system in a number of roles, applauded Wilson’s governance of the school system over the past two years during the regular school board meeting Monday.

“He handled the financial situation well with your support,” White told the board.

The school system reported a fund balance of approximately $26 million, which is $7 million over the fund balance at the same time in 2019.

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