Litter and Blight Task Force looks to tackle litter problem on Walker Mountain Road

Cars line up at the Walker Mountain Landfill site to dispose of their garbage Thursday, July 16, 2020.

New fees instituted at the Walker Mountain Landfill starting on June 1 will round the prices to whole dollars to make the dumping process more efficient.

"It seems so simple, but this is so important to how the landfill functions," Floyd County Commission Chair Wright Bagby said during a pre-meeting caucus Tuesday.

Because of the lack of cell service at the landfill site, they can't properly set up a register to take debit and credit cards. Right now, with fees like $34.70 and $5.10, workers have to stop and make change for almost every transaction, causing lines to back up.

By rounding it to a whole dollar amount, county officials hope to make the process move more efficiently as they work on fixing the cell and internet service issue in that area.

Most of the fees will be rounded up, but a few are rounded down.

Starting June 1, the fee for up to 100 pounds of garbage and industrial waste will be rounded to $5.

Garbage and industrial waste weighing between 1,001 and 2,000 pounds will be rounded to $35 a ton.

The host rate, which is what the the landfill charges city and county trucks bringing in waste, will be shifted to $32 per ton.

The biggest change with the closing of the construction and demolition section of the landfill is that haulers with construction waste loads will not pay the standard tipping fee. They will pay a $10 per ton increased fee.

County commissioners passed the resolution to adjust the fees at their meeting Tuesday night. The Rome City Commission has already signed off on the change. 

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