Murder suspect Denver Allen is facing contempt of court and making terroristic threats charges after he threatened to kill Floyd County Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham’s family during a heated exchange in the courtroom Friday.

Allen, 31, of 15 Webb Drive in Cartersville, is accused of beating Stephen Rudolph Nalley to death on Aug. 26, 2015, while they were both inmates at the Floyd County Jail.

He was requesting a new public defender, instead of James Wyatt, during the hearing. The judge rejected Allen’s request, which is when the obscenities and profanities began to fly.

The two men traded insults, with Allen’s comments being mostly sexual in nature and laced with profanity.

“You’re so funny, you’re so cute,” Durham told Allen at one point during the 10 minute-long tirade.

Durham responded to many of the insults with a smile and with anger and a yell at others.

Allen told Durham at one point that he couldn’t yell or smile at him. In response, Durham said, “I can smile anytime I want to.”

The judge, red-faced, also yelled that he could yell anytime he wanted to.

Even though most of those in the courtroom were quietly laughing during the tirade, the mood grew somber when Allen started making threats.

“How about this?” Allen asked. “I’ll kill your family.”

He began listing which relatives he was going to kill and how, including chopping up Durham’s children.

The judge, however, pointed out he had no children and then asked Allen if he was stupid when Allen said he would kill his grandchildren, too.

After Allen was escorted out of the courtroom, Durham turned to Wyatt and said, “I’m sorry, you’re stuck with him.”

Allen was being held in the Floyd County Jail without bond Friday night. He was sent to the jail by Bartow County on Aug. 19, 2015. He had been booked into the Bartow County Jail for four felony counts of making terroristic threats and acts.

Nalley, 49, had been jailed on Aug. 12, 2015, for charges of aggravated stalking, burglary and a Superior Court order to serve seven months and 27 days in the Floyd County Jail.


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