Even in professions where it’s obvious that your work matters, it’s nice to get a little pat on the back — especially in trying times.

As with many things in the midst of a pandemic, it looks a little different but the feeling of appreciation is even deeper than before.

“I think this year’s event seemed more special than ever,” Harbin Clinic’s chief compliance officer Lori Custer said. “And it’s even more fun because it lasts a lot longer.”

Over the next several weeks, Harbin Clinic will be hosting employee appreciation week at all of their locations to recognize the work the staff does over the year.

Dr. John Scott Carroll, one of the doctors that oversees family medicine at the Martha Berry Boulevard location, talked about how “incredibly important” his staff is to him.

“I could not function without my staff,” Carroll said. “Any little encouragement, especially during this difficult time, is greatly appreciated.”

Usually, the clinic has a weeklong event to celebrate their employees, but this year, they have had to switch gears because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, they’re visiting each location over a period of 10 weeks, giving out goodies and popsicles and getting pictures. Employees also wrote words of encouragement on paper shaped like puzzle pieces, as part of the theme “Everyone is a piece of the puzzle.”

The words and quotes were placed on a gratitude board for the staff to keep.

“We’re visiting each location to greet every employee and thank them for the work they do,” Chief Operating Officer Wendy Pitts said.

The Harbin Clinic on Martha Berry Boulevard specializes in pulmonary medicine, sleep center, family medicine and 12 other specialties. The center is so big that this will be the first of two events at the location.

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