Andrew Tierce got the green light for development of his Coosa Valley Brewing Company microbrewery Monday night when the Calhoun Council approved an amendment to its alcoholic beverage ordinance

Prior to the passage of Senate Bill 85 in the 2017 legislative session, Georgia functioned under a three-tier system of alcohol distribution which permitted brewers to sell to wholesalers, who in turn distributed the beer to retailers, who sold to the customer.

No one spoke for, or against, the amendment during a public hearing Monday night which allows microbreweries in the downtown district of Calhoun.

City Administrator Eddie Peterson said the reason the ordinance allows microbreweries strictly in the downtown area is that the mayor and council feel like they can have more control over the growth of the industry.

"If it grows, (more microbreweries) there is the possibility it could be expanded," Peterson said.

 Tierce is leasing property on Park Avenue from Justin Childress and hopes to have renovations to the building completed by early in the Spring of 2019.

“I think we’re going to go 16 taps right out of the gate, so we’re going to have the ability to have 16 different things on tap at all times,” Tierce said. “We’re going to aim to keep a good variety."

Tierce is partnering with Dylan Edwards who will be the brew master and is a veteran home brewer.

Childress purchased the building from Jimmy Payne and said that the microbrewery will have a corner and rear space.

He and his partners in the ownership of the building have completely gutted the building and said everything will be brand new.

“Those buildings have been sitting empty for probably 20 years,” Childress said. “Everybody told us that was impossible to do.”

Calhoun City Attorney George Govignon said the ordinance allows direct sales and distribution of their own packaged product on demand as well consumption on premises and the sale of growlers.

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