A judge sentenced John Robert Mostiller to 15 years in prison and 15 years of probation for the fatal beating of a man at the Royal Inn.

Prosecutors said Mostiller severely beat Joseph Dye Sr. at the hotel on Martha Berry Boulevard on June 27, 2018, over a $20 drug deal. He was convicted on involuntary manslaughter and aggravated battery charges in December.

According to Assistant District Attorney Leah Mayo, family members discovered Dye on a couch before he was taken to Floyd Medical Center. He died at the hospital two days later.

During the trial, Dye’s son, Joseph Dye Jr., said Mostiller was supplying them with drugs at the time of the conflict. His father asked him to take him to the trio of motels on Martha Berry Boulevard, which is informally known as “the rooms” to purchase drugs.

This is where Mostiller confronted Dye Sr. over the drug debt and beat him severely.

“You killed my father and best friend over a twenty dollar bill,” Dye Jr. said through tears. “I wish you nothing but the worst.”

The defense said Mostiller assisted in helping load Dye, Sr. into the back of a cab, which took him home. Mayo said the court should take the fact that Mostiller had attempted to help Dye Sr., realizing he had hurt the man severely.

Along with putting Dye in the back of a cab, Mayo also went into detail about the cause of Dye’s death being blunt force trauma after a fall consistent with one punch.

“A single blow is what caused all of this damage,” Mayo said.

Mostiller declined to speak on his own behalf before. Before sentencing, Niedrach scolded Mostiller for living a life that involved selling drugs.

“Your life has been one of depravity,” Floyd County Superior Court Judge Jack Niedrach said, “spreading the addiction of drug usage.” He continued to say he is not shocked that such events lead to a death.

Niedrach also issued a lifetime restraining order against Mostiller, ordering him to never have contact with any member of Dye’s family.

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