As summer starts to sneak back, Keep Rome Floyd Beautiful is preparing ways to engage local residents while practicing social distancing.

Emma Wells, the director of KRFB, recently returned to her office after working from home throughout April.

“We had a lot planned for Keep Rome Floyd Beautiful month in April and then all of that got canceled,” Wells said, referring to safety measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Now that the shelter-in-place order has been lifted and some of the restrictions have been lessened, Wells and her staff are preparing for their summer programs and promotions.

Although their litter pick up program dropped off a little during the restrictions, the Adopt-A-Mile program is back up and Wells encourages anyone interested to participate in cleaning up litter.

“We’re always accepting applications, so if people want to adopt a mile, they are always welcome to,” Wells said.

June is National Pollinator Month and Rome is an affiliate of Bee City USA, an organization dedicated to providing safe habitats for pollinators.

“Hopefully we’re going to do some murals and pollinator gardens ... just trying to think of ways to celebrate without being in contact with so many people,” Wells said.

Since it’s still not deemed safe for large gatherings, Wells and staff are planning on creating some worksheets and coloring pages for kids, as well as creating scavenger hunts to promote the month.

“We also want to do a plastic bag exchange at our local farmers market,” she said. “So if you bring in some of your plastic bags, you get a reusable one in return and the plastic bags are taken to be recycled.”

Back in April, Wells started a virtual storytime on the organization’s Facebook page every Wednesday at 10 a.m. and plans to continue doing it throughout the summer.

“We’ve offered families the opportunity to come and check out litter kits for them to use on their road,” she said. “We have seen a bit of an uptick in litter of personal protective equipment so we’ve been trying to educate the public about that as well.”

If interested in getting a litter kit or adopting a mile, contact Wells at or go to the Keep Rome Floyd Beautiful website and click on “Adopt-A-Mile” under Litter Reduction.

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