A Floyd County man who shot his neighbor in August 2020 for playing loud music was convicted on aggravated assault charges Wednesday.

According to Floyd County Assistant District Attorney Morgan Bottger and Floyd County Jail reports:

On Aug. 19, 2020, Charles Vincent Hawkins, 70, got annoyed by a neighbor on West Drive playing loud music near his East Drive residence.

Picking up his .357 revolver, he walked over to Francisco Pablo and shot him in the chest at point blank range, then turned the music down.

A cellphone video showed Hawkins standing over Pablo with the pistol as the man bled from his chest.

He then attempted to hand the pistol to his son, who refused it.

Floyd County police arrived and immediately began administering first aid to Pablo.

“The victim almost died as a result and spent two weeks in the hospital,” Bottger said after the trial.

The responding officer, Zach Doan, was honored this week for his efforts to save the life of the shooting victim.

Following his arrest, Hawkins admitted to police that he’d shot the man and why. A recording admitted into evidence shows Hawkins saying he should have gone ahead and shot the man in the head.

A jury convicted Hawkins of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, felony possession of a firearm during commission of a crime, misdemeanor reckless conduct and discharging a gun on a public street.

Floyd County Superior Court Judge Kay Ann Wetherington had Hawkins taken back into custody but had not set a date to the sentencing as of Wednesday afternoon.

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