The annual collaboration between Rome Area Council for the Arts and Redmond Regional Medical Center kicked off this week with a public art display overlooking the Town Green.

The HeART project has been a part of the community since it was started by RACA member Emily Hjort eight years ago. The purpose of the project is to bring awareness to heart health while showcasing the talent of local artists.

“It’s definitely been a growing project over the years,” Redmond Public Relations Director Andrea Pitts said.

It’s only been in the last three years they’ve done the parking deck display, according to Pitts. The art displayed in the various windows are actually prints, while the original canvases can be found at the RACA center on Broad Street, just around the corner.

Pitts said it’s one of her favorite things she gets to help out with and she loves the diversity of the artists and their pieces.

“I think it really adds a lot to the community, especially during a season where there’s not as much vibrancy and color,” she said. “We love to get out and walk, whether it’s on the trails or downtown, and see a public art display.”

The pandemic had little impact on the project this year, except that they can’t host their usual reception for the artists.

Instead, they hosted a drive thru reception outside the RACA office at the corner of Broad Street and Third Avenue, where artists picked up special goody bags and were able to see their artwork displayed.

“I think it says a lot about our community and really kind of shares the story of how we care for one another,” Pitts said.

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