If Saturday’s Floyd County Republican rally at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport was a barometer for the 2020 election season, the GOP believes there is a real clear and present danger to America’s core values in the form of a socialist bent to the other side of the political aisle.

Long before Georgia GOP State Chairman David Schafer called the 2018 election “the most consequential election in our lifetime,” speaker after speaker railed against the threat of socialism espoused by several of the leading Democratic candidates for president.

“The road to socialism will not run through the state of Georgia,” said U.S. Sen. David Perdue, who spurred the crowd of more than 450 party faithful to one round of applause after another during his brief speech.

“We got a wake up call in 2018 right here in Georgia,” Perdue said. He referred to the Stacey Abrams bid for governor which raised millions of dollars from outside the state, “from some of the most liberal billionaires in America who think they’re going to import their views and radical socialist agenda into Georgia.”

State Rep. Katie Dempsey, R-Rome, said the local legislative delegation would continue to represent local values in the Georgia General Assembly, but told the crowd that what matters this most during the upcoming election cycle is, “how hard each and every one of you work each and every day. This threat of socialism, I never would have imagined, but it’s serious and it’s real.”

“There is so much at stake, so much at risk,” said Representative Eddie Lumsden, R-Armuchee.

“My friends, we are the last line of defense for freedom and if we don’t get to work, look at what could happen,” said Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr. “They’ve got their target set on Georgia all the way down to city and local elections.”

Floyd County Commission Chairman Scotty Hancock told the enthusiastic partisan crowd that the country and community have got to get back to traditional family values.

“It starts at home,” Hancock said.

Carr reminded the GOP faithful of ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking, elder abuse, cybercrime, the Georgia Open Records law and economic security, which he pledged will continue.

“Having good jobs transforms communities and families and it’s transformed our state. I want to make sure we have good regulations and laws that encourage and foster the private sector,” Carr said.

Perdue told the crowd that the Trump administration’s economic policies had the country headed in the right direction.

“We have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. We have the lowest African American, Hispanic and Asian unemployment ever measured. Y’all, it’s working,” Perdue said. “This is the best economic turnaround in the history of our country.”

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