Georgia Power is looking to develop a large substation near this high voltage power line at Spout Springs Road and U.S. 411 in Cave Spring. The utility has not locked down a specific site yet.

Georgia Power Co. is in the process of developing a large new power substation in the Cave Spring area.

The company confirmed that it’s seeking to upgrade service to residences and businesses in Cave Spring and the southwestern Floyd County area.

“Building a new power distribution hub in rapidly expanding areas enhances electric service for residents and businesses in Cave Spring and surrounding Floyd County,” said Georgia Power spokesman Craig Bell. “Once our work is complete, customers in the Cave Spring area should experience enhanced reliability with the addition of the new substation.”

Substations function as distribution centers for electricity.

Power plants send electricity over high-voltage transmission lines to banks of electrical equipment in substations. There, the voltage is reduced to levels appropriate for use in surrounding homes and businesses.

The utility has been looking at property near the intersection of Spout Springs Road and U.S. 411, on the northeast side of Cave Spring. A high voltage line crosses U.S. 411 just southeast of the Spout Springs Road intersection.

Bell said the company anticipates completion of the project by the end of 2021.

“Georgia Power is committed to providing world-class service and reliability for our customers every day. We are continuously investing in our power grid to make it smarter, more reliable, and to minimize both the duration and frequency of outages,” Bell said.

Along that same line, Georgia Power is also in the process of upgrading electrical service between Shannon and Barnsley Gardens in Bartow County.

“During the construction process, Georgia Power will work to complete the project with minimal impact on the businesses and residents near the line. We anticipate our construction efforts being completed before year-end,” Bell said.

Barnsley currently sits at the end of a service line and has experienced outages over the past year and a half. Providing a secondary source of service for the resort should improve that situation. he said.

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