Not many people would sacrifice air conditioning and internet for 10 days in July in Georgia, but for over 20 families at Morrison Campground, it’s a beloved tradition.

Morrison Campground sits tucked away off of Ward Mountain Road near Dykes Creek and is home to the annual Morrison Campground Camp Meeting.

The camp meeting started in 1868 when E.R. Morrison, a Scotsman, was converted in a brush arbor service and believed there should be a permanent place for camp meetings. He donated his farm and the annual services take place very close to where his family home used to stand.

“These had been families that were living in the community, mostly farmers, that would come and take a week out of their work schedule for a revival,” said Danny Wiseman. “When they came, they would just come and put their tents up and put their cows in the lower pasture and their refrigeration would be the cold water from the creek down the road.”

Wiseman’s family has been attending camp meeting as far back as 1870.

Since then, the families have traded their tents for 27 rough cabins built around an open grassy area. The cabins are passed down from family to family as the years go on.

A typical day at Morrison Campground starts with a morning worship service, followed by Vacation Bible School for the kids. The adults also gather for Bible study or head down to the creek to cool off.

In the evening, everyone gathers again for the evening service, which is usually filled with traditional hymns and gospel music.

Walking around the campground, you’ll find families sitting on their front porches under fans and talking on bench swings.

“It’s like a big family reunion coming here,” said Laura Martin, a camper of 59 years.

Crystal Lawhorne has been attending camp for the past 12 years after she married her husband, whose entire family comes to the camp.

“I didn’t know what to expect the first time. I imagined log cabins when he said cabins,” she said. “I didn’t love it at first because of the heat, but after a few days I grew to love it and now we all look forward to coming out here.”

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