Contractors for Floyd Medical Center have started work on an $8.6 million renovation of the hospital’s third-floor Intensive Care Unit.

FMC Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer Warren Sonny Rigas said it’s being undertaken in six phases, with the entire project slated for completion by the end of 2016.

Brasfield & Gorrie is the general contractor for the project — which does not add any beds, but upgrades an area of the hospital that has not been significantly changed in decades.

“It’s one of our oldest buildings. It’s a 1956 building,” Rigas said. “We put that off as long as we could because we knew when we got into doing construction in an old building like that you’re going to have plumbing issues and other updates that you’re going to need to do.”

The ICU and Coronary Care Unit will be relocated to a common corridor, to be called the Critical Care Unit.

Demolition of one side of the hallway leading to the ICU main doors is already underway.

The first phase involves the labor-delivery, Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, offices. Rigas said that area is located directly over the dietary department and cafeteria, so workers have to be especially careful not to affect the food preparation.

In the second phase, a temporary corridor into the ICU will be constructed. It will be used for about four months while additional demolition takes place.

Construction will then start on one side of the hallway and shift to the other side when that is done.

“We’re just having to work our way down the hall, complete one area, then go into another area,” Rigas said.

Ultimately, there will be 15 new ICU patient rooms on both sides of the corridor and 11 coronary care rooms at the end.

In the final phase, an elevator will be added to provide direct access from the surgical suites to the ICU rooms.

“Right now, a lot of times we have to go on multiple elevators to get patients up to the floors (from surgery),” Rigas said.

The sixth phase will also involve construction of a new dining area for the doctors.


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