The Rome Circuit Public Defender’s Office reopened Tuesday.

According to a Floyd County government press release:

The department was sanitized over the weekend and the majority of the staff have returned. Remaining staff must have a negative test before returning to the office.

An employee who tested positive for COVID-19 remains under quarantine.

If you have any questions, call me at Rome Circuit Public Defender Office at 706-234-0975.

The court reopened June 22 following a two-week quarantine for employees. Several staff members tested positive for COVID-19 and the only way for other staff members to return was to test negative twice.

Along with catching up on the previous two weeks’ backlog, the Floyd County Superior Court Clerk's staff is busy installing the new case management software ICON, an e-filing system.

The Floyd County clerk's office won’t be back to full staff until July 6 at the earliest, according to Clerk Barbara Penson said earlier.

Floyd County Superior Court Chief Judge Bryant Durham last week said some of the public defenders are calling in over Skype for certain matters, such as bonding cases. Right now, the judges are looking at setting up a way for the defenders to call in via Skype for arraignment cases as well.

Overall, Durham said things have been running “relatively smooth” at the courthouse the past week. The judges have been working together to make sure the court runs efficiently. Durham’s own secretary has experience as a clerk and has started helping Penson’s office out as much as possible.

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