Floyd County

Floyd County Commissioners will hold a public hearing and vote Tuesday on an amendment to the building code that would add key lockboxes.

The new ordinance would require that a key access system, commonly known as a Knox Box, be installed near the main entrance of all new commercial and industrial structures.

The lock box containing keys to the building would give firefighters responding to a call quick access to determine if it is a false alarm or, if there is a real problem, to begin taking care of the problem. The new ordinance wouldn’t apply to existing structures, but the Rome-Floyd Fire Department is encouraging owners to voluntarily add the system.

The ordinance would require that a rapid key entry system be installed in an existing structure only under several circumstances:

♦ Change of building ownership

♦ Certain renovations

♦ Three or more false alarms

♦ Keyholder refusal to respond to alarm incident

Rome-Floyd Fire Marshal Mary Catherine Chewning will be speaking to county commissioners about the ordinance during their 3 p.m. caucus. The Rome City Commission adopted it in October.

Commissioners will be discussing the county’s 2022 budget and the Unified Land Development Code rewrite during caucus as well.

The regular meeting agenda also includes action on a memorandum of understanding with the state of Georgia and other local governments concerning settlement of an opioid lawsuit filed in 2018 against Johnson and Johnson.

Under new business, commissioners are expected to sign off on a purchase request from Public Works for eight solar powered radar speed signs to be installed on four county roads. The cost is $48,445.

This is part of the local match required for the annual Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant received from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Caucus will begin an hour earlier, at 3 p.m., to accommodate extra time to discuss the budget. The regular meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the Community Room of the Floyd County Administration Building at 12 E. 4th Ave.


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