Floyd County Jail

The Floyd County Jail was being decontaminated Wednesday night after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

The staff member was completely asymptomatic and was sent home immediately upon notification, Sheriff Tim Burkhalter said in a press release.

“We are following our policies and procedures to include but not limited to: observation of staff and inmates that were exposed to the employee today, decontamination of all areas that the employee came into contact with, and we are following county policy before the employee will be allowed to return to work,” he said.

FCSO spokesperson Sgt. Anthony Cromer said staff acted quickly and every precaution has been taken. Some jail operations were temporarily suspended Wednesday night while areas were being sanitized.

“We expect to resume normal operations tomorrow ... under the Code Yellow Phase of our COVID19 Preparedness Plan,” Cromer said.

The jail has a three-tiered color-coded system in response to any potential issues regarding communicable diseases. Burkhalter designated the coronavirus outbreak a Code Yellow threat back in March and the facility has been handling essential operations only since then.

Code Green means business as usual; Code Red would mean a complete lockdown.

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