Willie Green III

Floyd County Elections Supervisor Willie Green III

Willie Green III has been revamping the Floyd County Board of Elections and Voter Registration website by placing more election-based content online.

Green, the elections and registration supervisor, said the website now provides voters with open access to documents that can help make voting easier.

“The website is a tool to get info out more quickly and for it to be accessed by the public,” Green said.

One of the improvements involved posting online the local candidates’ campaign contribution and personal financial disclosure reports.

“We wanted this important information to be made available so voters can make informed policy decisions,” Green said.

Moving documents online has saved in paper costs, he said. And for Green and his staff of two, it’s helped get election information out without having to rely on phone calls or in-person assistance.

Among the sections are voter registration, polling locations, election dates and election results.

And Green said he ran an online pilot program during the May 24 primary elections to give voters information on polling station traffic and what the expected wait time could be.

“I tried to provide real-time data, updated every 15 to 20 minutes,” he said.

He is working to improve the polling station updates with a format like Google Maps. Voters would be able to click on the polling location and a pop-up box will provide data on the level of traffic and expected wait time.

“I’m hoping to have it before the presidential election,” Green said.

The website will also be used to gather information from voters on their voting experience in Floyd County.

Green said he plans to hand out some mail-in surveys as voters leave polling stations, and direct others to an online survey.

The changes are part of the Board of Elections’ five-year plan to “make Floyd County the best place for voting,” Green said.

Green said work on the site started in February, and the feedback has been almost all positive.

To browse the website, visit romefloyd.com and click on the “elections” link under the “government” tab.


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