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Floyd County Board of Elections Chair Melanie Conrad said they are working on a first draft of a job posting for the chief elections clerk position.

During their monthly meeting Tuesday, board members certified the runoff elections results and are now moving on to focus on searching for a new chief clerk.

Vanessa Waddell has been serving as interim chief clerk since the former chief, Robert Brady, was terminated in November. Board members have expressed the desire to hire someone with strong technology experience.

They also felt that they needed to get through the recount and runoff election before they could finally begin the search.

Conrad said they hope to have the job posting up on the website soon.

The chair also addressed the concern many voters had about the delay in posting the returns on election night, explaining that they wanted to have the most accurate results ready before they were posted.

“It’s not something we plan on doing in the future, but I think this time our goal was to make sure it was accurate — and that takes precedence over timeliness,” Conrad said.

In 2021, the county board will handle only two municipal elections. Rome City Commission Ward 2 posts and Rome City Schools Board of Education seats will be up for a vote in November. Cave Spring conducts its own City Council elections.

During the public comment period, poll manager Sara Malone expressed concern about poll watchers and said they should consider providing poll watcher training for the poll managers and poll assistant managers in the future.

Malone described an incident on election day where a woman said she was a poll watcher, but didn’t provide a letter as proof. However, the woman left after Malone talked to her so it wasn’t reported.

Along with preparing for the municipal elections and filling the chief clerk position, board members plan on looking for a new space for the elections office.

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