Georgia's Capitol in Atlanta

Georgia’s State Capitol in Atlanta

The Georgia House of Representative overwhelmingly approved a set of bills that would dissolve the current Floyd County Board of Elections and create a new five-person board.

The votes on House Bills 9EX and 8EX passed out of the House, 150-7, on the local legislation calendar early Monday and were immediately transmitted to the Senate, said Rep. Katie Dempsey, R-Rome.

Under the proposed legislation, the three-member Floyd County Elections Board would be dissolved and replaced with a five-member board. Dempsey; Rep. Eddie Lumsden, R-Armuchee; and Rep. Mitchell Scoggins, R-Cartersville, all sponsored the bill.

The five members would be appointed by the Floyd County Commission.

Commissioners would choose four of the members from lists submitted by county executive committees of the two local political parties whose candidates for Georgia governor received the most votes in the previous election. At this point, that means two members from the Floyd County Republican Party and two from the Floyd County Democratic Party.

The fifth member would be selected by the Floyd County commissioners and would serve as chairperson of the board.

There also would be an elections supervisor, completely separate from the board, who would be a county employee. The board would make the recommendation to hire but county commissioners would have the last say.

If the legislation is passed with its current Dec. 1 deadline, that would leave the county with two and a half weeks to get the new board together.

The Senate adjourned Monday without taking up the measure. That sets the potential that the second reading and vote, at the earliest, could happen by mid-week. State Sen. Chuck Hufstetler, R-Rome, has voiced support for the bills.

The bills would then go to Gov. Brian Kemp, who has up to 40 days to sign them or they automatically become law.


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