Floyd County

Floyd County Commissioners have endorsed two recommendations from the Floyd County Elections Board -- to increase their board members from three to five and to schedule a third party performance review.

The election board change won't go into effect until the spring of 2022 at the earliest.

It requires approval from the Georgia General Assembly so commissioners will ask local lawmakers Reps. Katie Dempsey, Mitchell Scoggins and Eddie Lumsden and Sen. Chuck Hufstetler to submit the legislation.   .

The General Assembly will have a special session in November to redraw the voting district maps. Their next regular session begins in January.

The outside performance review for the board of elections and elections office could happen earlier.

According to Elections Board Chair Melanie Conrad, they're looking at bringing in elections clerks from neighboring counties to review their processes and operations and make recommendations to have things run more efficiently.

Ultimately, the county attorney's office will oversee the review board and how it will operate.

This is part of an ongoing effort by the elections board members to improve elections operations in the county.

County elections operations have undergone heavy criticism over the last year, but it's only been in recent months that citizens have been asking county commissioners to address some of the issues and concerns they have.

Conrad said the board expansion is to help ease the workload on her and members John Scott Husser and Corey Townsend. The board is currently nonpartisan, Conrad said, and she hopes to keep it that way.

During caucus, county commissioners discussed the idea of adding representatives from the local political parties to the board. However, the new makeup of the board hasn't been decided.


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