As the Superior Court prepares to launch a new case management system on Nov. 2, Floyd County Clerk of Superior Court Barbara Penson reflected Tuesday on the many hurdles the office went through to get to this point.

Starting with a malware attack in late June 2019, the clerks have been working nonstop to salvage all of the court documents lost in the attack and put them into an older software system.

After Floyd County Commissioners approved the purchase of e-filing software ICON, the clerks began preparing for the the new software installation.

After months of quarantine, working short-staffed and with the courts shut down, Penson said she originally expected to have the new software ready to launch on Oct. 1.

But after the county was hit with another malware attack in early September, things began to slow down again.

While the court system only lost about a few days worth of records, the county had the system shut down for about two weeks to make sure the virus was fully eradicated.

Now the clerk’s office is back online and staff is learning the new software through webinars for civil, criminal and financial court records.

The clerk’s office will be closed on Nov. 2 to allow for final software training with a representative from ICON.

Penson said one of the biggest struggles the clerks encountered while entering records was doing all of the county real estate records dating back to the 1800s. She said the office may purchase another backup for real estate records alone at some point.

With the new software ICON,she said it will be a lot easier for both clerks and county residents to use. The internet-based software is used by 94 out of the 159 Georgia counties, according to Penson.

“It’s proving to be pretty efficient so far,” she said.

One feature, they’re looking forward to having will allow the clerks to access records and data from the district attorney’s office’s software Tracker. The two programs will be integrated to a certain degree so that the clerks can get all the necessary information they need for records.

Another feature that will be beneficial for the public will allow a person to look up their own court dates and case information.

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