Elections office

The Floyd County elections office is in the County Administration Building at 12 E. Fourth Ave.

Tackling tech issues and poll worker training are two of the ways the Floyd County Board of Elections intends to make Election Day on Nov. 3 run more smoothly.

The board discussed plans at its meeting on Tuesday that include assembling a tech squad to travel from precinct to precinct to handle any voting equipment problems.

Chair Tom Rees said that Dominion, the company that manufactures the equipment, is looking at sending their own tech teams to each county in Georgia, but the board wants to make sure Floyd County precincts will be covered no matter what they decide.

Also, training will be mandatory for both new poll workers and veteran poll workers before early voting starts. The training will be separate for the two groups and will, hopefully, clear up any issues the workers had during previous elections, Rees said.

Early voting will begin on Oct. 12 and run through Oct. 30. The elections office is planning to have multiple locations available for voting during the week, including the Floyd County Administration Building, Garden Lakes Baptist Church and Rome Civic Center.

Board members voted to have the weekends of Oct. 17 and Oct. 25 open for early voting. Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots on both Saturday and Sunday each of those weekends..

Board members said the Floyd County Administration Building will definitely be open for weekend voting, but they are also looking at securing another location.

Rome City Commissioner Wendy Davis recommended the board consider the Forum River Center, since it isn’t being used for big events right now and there would be plenty of space. Chief Elections Clerk Robert Brady said they would look into it.

Rees also said the Georgia Secretary of State’s office is offering a grant for more ballot drop boxes.

The Floyd County Elections Office has already submitted an application in hopes of adding more drop boxes for the November election. Right now, there are two available: one in front of the elections office on Fourth Avenue and one in front of the Rome-Floyd County Library on Riverside Parkway.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Elections meeting will take place on Oct. 13 at noon in the Community Room of the County Administration Building.

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