2020 Census

Instructions on how residents can respond to the 2020 U.S. Census went out last week and include how to fill out the census online.

While businesses and schools shut down and people begin to work at home because of social distancing precautions — the U.S. Census is still on, still very easy to fill out and still incredibly important to communities.

“We definitely don’t want folks to forget about it or neglect to do it in the midst of all of this,” Mandy Maloney said.

Maloney is a partnership specialist for the Atlanta Regional Census Center who’s been working with Floyd County’s Complete Count Committee.

Local residents began receiving census notices and invitations on March 12, which went over all the different ways people can respond.

There are several ways people can participate in the census without having to interact face to face with a census worker. Floyd County residents can call, mail or go online to respond to the census.

The count is very important for many reasons, including federal funding for different programs, such as Medicaid and congressional representation.

Maloney said that one of entities whose funding is impacted by the census is emergency preparedness.

“This is one of those situations that’s good to talk about why you should participate in the census,” she said.

The invitations being sent out through Friday include instructions for filling out the census online and include phone numbers to call for questions in 12 different language.

Despite local colleges switching to online learning and evacuating their dorms to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — Maloney said it’s important for college residents to fill out the census for the area where they live and sleep most of the year.

As of Wednesday, the data completion date for the 2020 census is July 31. However, Maloney said that could change as the novel coronavirus situation evolves.

Census Day is April 1. Those who don’t respond to the census will receive new notices beginning as early as April 9 and, eventually, a home visit.

The Facebook page Count Floyd County will be posting updates and reminders for local residents.

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