A line of cars greets free drive up COVID-19 testing at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds

The free public health COVID-19 testing site is relocating from Coosa Valley Fairgrounds to State Mutual Stadium on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

Deaths from COVID-19 have continued to crest as new cases appear to be on the decline, according to Georgia Department of Public Health reports.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 this month has eclipsed all others. In Floyd County, there have been 57 confirmed deaths from the disease in September and it’s the suspected cause of seven other deaths.

After a summer surge in August 2020, there were 17 deaths. A winter surge at the end of 2020 proved to be deadlier, with 30 deaths reported in December and 29 in January 2021.

That was prior to the emergence of the highly infectious Delta variant.

The resulting deaths from the first waves in 2020 primarily came from long term care facilities, where many of the state’s most vulnerable populations are housed.

“So without a doubt, the Delta death wave is going to be as bad if not worse than the winter surge,” said Amber Schmidtke, a microbiologist who tracks COVID-19 in Georgia, in her weekly update.

“Many had hoped that we wouldn’t see so many deaths this time around due to the availability of the vaccine and the way that it was prioritized for older adults who are most at-risk of death.”

The difference in this wave has been that COVID-19 vaccines are readily available, however 61% of Floyd County has not been vaccinated.

Public health officials have repeatedly stated the COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to be highly effective at not only protecting people from the virus, but also moderating symptoms from the disease.

Free testing moves to Rome Braves stadium

The free COVID-19 testing site in Floyd County is being relocated Tuesday from the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds to the State Mutual Stadium parking lot.

The testing will be available at the stadium off Veterans Memorial Highway from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. Pre-register online at https://honumg.info/LTSGA011.

COVID testing is also available from a number of private providers, including most area pharmacies, as well as at the LakePoint Sports Complex at 261 Stars Way in Emerson.

That site is open Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly, 10 a.m.. to 7 p.m. Register online at https://mako.exchange/splash/GAmakotesting.


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