County Manager Jamie McCord hopes that with the return of the Rome Braves in the spring, fans will be able to benefit from a new covered and climate controlled terrace on opening day.

This past year, there’s been a lot of work on the team store expansion and the fan assist area, which includes the first aid station.

This is all part of a $2 million special purpose, local option sales tax earmark from 2017 for upgrades at the stadium.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to finish the project quickly without having to worry about scheduling construction around home games.

With the first part complete, the county had planned on starting part two in the fall during the off-season, but they have been waiting on steel orders and other materials to come in.

However, according to McCord, everything is on its way and they should be able to begin between late January and early February.

“It should start and complete prior to the season, as long as the delivery comes on time,” he said.

The terrace portion of the project will be converting the space from open air to a complete enclosure and adding some group seating. By enclosing the space, this will limit the amount of people that could potentially overheat during the summer ball games and make the area all-around more comfortable.

One of the most interesting parts of the project will be the addition of glass roll-up doors for the more pleasantly warm days.

By starting the project early, the county manager hopes the construction will be finished by the time games begin in the Spring. However, that could be up in the air, depending on the state of the pandemic.

“I’m not sure we’ll do anything other than the terrace before the season,” McCord said. “It’s going to be a great space for meetings and group events.”

The rest of the upgrades, such as installing new group seating in sections 207 and 209 in front of the terrace and placing more shading in front of Bubba’s BBQ near Gate 6 can all coincide with the rest of the season.

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