The public hearing for the Special Use Permit request for a new cell tower went before county commissioners Tuesday night and one woman has a lot of hope for it.

Sherry Mulinix, who lives on Morgan Dairy Road in Cave Spring, approached the podium with the help of her son.

Mulinix said she has lived at her home for over 10 years and “wouldn’t move for anything.” However, she has heart disease and requires a lot of medical attention. The older woman said she has limited cell service at her home.

Although she has a landline, she said it prevents her from moving far from the phone, in fear something may happen and she’d be unable to call emergency services.

Mulinix told the board she hopes that the addition of the cell tower on Cunningham Road, just a mile away from her home, will improve her service and enable her to be more mobile.

“I’m an old Southern woman and I want to walk to my mailbox and see the birds and trees,” she said.

The SUP request was approved by county commissioners following the public hearing. Commissioner Allison Watters invited Mulinix to come back to the board once the construction is finished and tell the commissioners how she is doing.

After the public hearings, the board adopted a resolution to support the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and “continue to allocate funds to the Sheriff’s Office to continue to protect the Constitutional Rights of all citizens of Floyd County.”

Commissioners also approved spending $200,000 from the 2017 SPLOST to replace one of the two bridges on Gaines Loop Road. The special purpose, local option sales tax package contains a $4.5 million earmark for county paving, infrastructure and bridges.

County Manager Jamie McCord said the project was originally going to be funded by a state Local Maintenance, Improvement Grant, but the SPLOST construction funds are immediately available.

Public Works Director Michael Skeen said they hope to start working on the bridge in the summer while school is out.

The Georgia Department of Transportation will be replacing the other Gaines Loop Road bridge and will start on the construction within the next few years, according to Skeen.

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