As he was committing the robbery, one of the men repeated phrases like “Smiley is robbing you, Smiley is your daddy,” Assistant District Attorney Leah Mayo said.

While both 18-year-old Christopher Haywood and 19-year-old Kaylee Huff had smiley face tattoos — Haywood was the one known as Smiley and he was the one holding the shotgun, Mayo said.

Haywood, Huff and another man, 21-year-old Denzel Tate Haywood, were convicted on aggravated assault and robbery charges Thursday after a trial this week.

Christopher Haywood and Huff were convicted on armed robbery charges, which carry a stiffer sentence, and Denzel Haywood was convicted on a robbery by intimidation charge.

They were arrested on July 15, hours after the incident at 422 Shorter Ave., still driving around. Police found a Marlin 550 bolt-action shotgun in the car, then later found licenses, credit cards and other personal items belonging to the victims at Huff’s home.

Mayo said there was some evidence presented at the trial that the robbery was a result of a potential drug deal.

The three had approached the car the victims were in that evening and forced them out of the vehicle. One person attempted to fight back and both men attacked him, but afterward allowed all the victims to get back in the vehicle.

However, when they left, Christopher Haywood fired at them with the shotgun, breaking the back window of the vehicle.

The sentencing date has not been set yet, District Attorney Leigh Patterson said.

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