The Burwell Creek trailhead will remain closed past the previously estimated date of March 1 after Atlanta Gas Light construction workers ran into an equipment issue while boring the area of the creek.

“It has to do with the geology of the area,” City Engineer Aaron Carroll said. “The machine wasn’t strong enough to drill into the fractured rock... we should have a new drilling contractor hopefully on March 1.”

For now, the trail will remain closed indefinitely until they finish.

Despite the rainy and cold weather, construction for the International Paper gas line has been moving along well, Carroll said. They had difficulty pouring cement with the freezing temperatures, but the problem has resolved itself with warmer weather.

The temperatures stalled some of the work on Shorter Avenue, but they’ve already begun removing some of the plates.

Carroll is unsure as to when they’ll have the road cleared, but right now it’s 44% complete — with over 2,000 feet of pipeline installed.

The Mount Berry Trail construction has moved past the trailhead and is now on Coligni Way. A flagger is posted near the entrance of the post office to direct traffic coming through.

Over 800 feet of pipeline has already been installed in the area, but that is only 39% complete.

The trail is open to visitors, but Carroll cautions people to be vigilant while using the trail.

Work on residential streets like North Division Street and Charlton Street should be starting soon, he said, but there’s no exact date as of this point.

Previously, Carroll stated that they will work with the residents’ schedules on those streets to make sure their lives aren’t negatively impacted too much.

The project is slated to be complete by June, with over nine miles of pipeline running under roads around Rome to the plant in Coosa.

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