Rome-Floyd Fire Station 6 on Burnett Ferry Road is getting its first overhaul in its 17-year history, with bids from contractors due Thursday.

Division Chief Clete Bonney said the truck will continue to be in service and will respond as normal as the project begins over the next few weeks. They hope to finish the renovations around the first of October.

Bonney is overseeing the project, which will involve almost completely gutting the station and putting in new carpeting, cabinets, flooring and a breezeway. They will also be fixing a plumbing issue underneath the foundation in the kitchen.

“Pretty much everything on the inside will be as new as we can get it,” he said.

The bay area, where the fire trucks are housed, also will be painted and be outfitted with LED lights.

All the rotted wood on the exterior will be replaced and painted as well — and the weather vane will be removed.

The project is being funded by earmarks in the budgets of the city and county governments, which split the cost of the fire department.

Although it hasn’t been 20 years since the building was opened, it goes through more wear and tear than most buildings since it’s occupied 24/7, Bonney said.

While the station is small, with around four workers on duty at all times, it also functions as the city and county’s HAZMAT station, which houses all of the hazardous material response equipment.

“So if we have an instance that involves some kind of hazardous material, such as fluids or a spill, it has special equipment in there with elevated seats, breathing equipment and air monitoring and test equipment,” Bonney said. “So we can go out and identify a chemical and start the proper procedures for clean-up and that kind of stuff.”

After the Burnett Ferry renovation is complete, the fire department will inspect other stations around the county to decide where the next renovation is needed.

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