A Cave Spring area homeowner is lucky that no one was injured last weekend when a stray bullet flew through a widow of the home and lodged in a couch.

Cpl. Ben Cunningham with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said it appears to have been fired from a high-powered rifle but has no information at this point about any other details related to the incident.

The home is located between Fosters Mill Road and Spout Springs Road. The incident occurred Dec. 8.

“The homeowners came home at mid-day and found glass on the floor with a hole in the window. The bullet was lodged in their couch,” Cunningham said.

The DNR officer said he is not aware of the caliber at this time, but judging from the trajectory of the bullet he is speculating it was from a high-powered rifle.

“Due to the elevation of the house and the topography, I believe that someone most likely shot at the horizon. Not straight up in the air, but more at the horizon,” Cunningham said.

The ranger said it could have been someone doing target practice, or someone just out firing a new gun, but said that either way, if the person is identified, he or she could be charged with reckless conduct.

“If they had shot multiple times in the same direction there probably would have been multiple bullets that would have hit the house,” Cunningham said.

Sgt. Chris Fincher with the Floyd County Police Department said the investigators in his office are working under the theory that the bullet was probably fired by someone hunting in a nearby wooded area.

Cunningham said it is important that anyone who is firing a weapon for target practice, it is important to have a backstop.

“The proper backstop is a dirt pile that is free of debris and rocks, that way you don’t have to worry about a ricochet,” Cunningham said “Anytime you’re shooting you need to know what’s between you and your target and then what is beyond your target.”

There is a public shooting range — the Chestnut Mountain Shooting Range — off Ga. 156 between Calhoun and LaFayette.

The Floyd County Wildlife Association off Ga. 100 North, west of Coosa, also has a shooting range but someone would have to be invited by a member to shoot out there.

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