“This partnership is an impressive and transformative move for Barnsley Resort,” said General Manager Shawn Jervis in a news release.  “This not only elevates the shooting experience for our current guests, but it puts Barnsley Resort among the very best hunting destinations globally."

Burrell, who is also a certified wildlife biologist, calls Beretta a lifestyle brand.

"It's not just guns, and Barnsley is the perfect place to encompass that lifestyle brand that Beretta has become over the years," Burrell said. "Not only do we have some of the best quail hunting in the south but we also have the two sporting clays courses there as well.”

The initial deal is for five years, however Burrell anticipates a much longer arrangement. Beretta has supplied 45 guns to the resort for the shooting sports program.

"We're never going to tell a customer that he can't shoot his gun on the property, but if you get a gun (from us) it's going to 100 percent be a Beretta," Burrell said.

High Adventure has completely overhauled the two 14-station sporting clays courses, one known as the Mine course, where shooters take aim at targets that fly over some of the old bauxite mines that dot the property, and a new Rock course. Both feature state-of-the-art Promatic machines.

Burrell's company doubled the size of the kennels for the quail program and has purchased two dozen dogs over the last 60 days, including English pointers and setters, English cocker spaniels and Boykin spaniels.

"We were brought in just to bring the plantation and the clays course, up to the standards of the rest of the resort," Burrell said.  His High Adventure team hopes to convert the old shooting sports store into a lounge for hunters.

"Right now we're using one of the cottages because a lot of these groups would like some privacy. Sometimes they don't want to be in the bar with other resort guests and that gives some of these corporate clients or family groups a private setting," Burrell said.

High Adventure operates properties all over the world, from Argentina to South Dakota to Hawaii. Burrell said a lot of the clients are coming to Georgia now as a result of the venture with Barnsley.

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