Rome & Floyd County

At this month’s Rome-Floyd Planning Commission meeting, committee members discussed a rezoning request from community commercial to heavy commercial.

The lot on 304 North Ave. houses a former tire shop. Kingston Highway resident Jon Griffin plans to turn the existing shop into a Maaco auto body repair and paint shop.

Planning director Artagus Newell said that the railroad tracks on North Broad Street adjacent to the lot will act as a sound buffer between the commercial businesses in the area and the residents.

Griffin was present to speak in favor of the rezoning, but a few business owners spoke in opposition to the zoning request, due to having been denied rezoning requests because of proximity to residence zoned areas.

Steve Abrams, a Rome resident and owner of Custom Paint and Body on 19th Street, said he’s been trying to expand his business in Rome for the past two years. The business is similar to Griffin’s and stated that he is in opposition to the rezoning request due to his requests having been denied so many times in the past.

“I go through hoops and hoops and every time I go forward, I get kicked way back,” he said.

Billy Dean of Heights Drive talked about a similar experience when he wanted to open a similar business and put in a rezoning request but was denied due to being too close to residential areas.

Commission Chairman Logan Boss responded by thanking the public for their comments and said that the discussion would be better suited for another meeting when they can set a time for it.

The rezoning for the lot was approved with a voting of 6-2 by planning commission members. Terry Jones and Steve Miller voted against the rezoning.

The Public Hearing for the North Avenue lot will take place at the Rome City Commission meeting on Feb. 24 at 6 p.m.

The commission also approved the rezoning request for the rezoning of a lot from Community Commercial to Heavy Commercial on 0 Cave Spring Road.

John Wade, a resident of Temple, spoke in favor of the rezoning. Wade owns the manufactured home business currently on the property. The request would have the sales lot moved to the would-be rezoned area so that the business can have more space for parking and customers.

The request was approved unanimously by the commission members.

The public hearing for the request will take place at the Floyd County Commission meeting on Feb. 25.

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