One area that Georgia voters seemed to agree on was the worthiness of a “yes” vote on the five constitutional amendments and the two statewide referendums.

Here is a look at how Floyd County votes compared to statewide votes:

Constitutional Amendment 1: Creates the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund to protect water quality, wildlife habitat, and parks. Floyd County said yes with 80.6 percent of its votes, while Georgia overall agreed with 82.64 percent voting yes.

Constitutional Amendment 2: Creates a state-wide business court to lower costs, enhance efficiency, and promote predictable judicial outcomes. Floyd County voters gave a yea vote with 65.65 percent, while Georgia voters complied with 68.85 percent passing the amendment.

Constitutional Amendment 3: To change taxation of forest land dedicated to conservation use. Encourages the conservation, sustainability, and longevity of Georgia's working forests through tax sub-classification and grants. Here fewer “yes” votes in Floyd county were brought to bear, with 59.94 percent of the vote, while 62.05 percent of Georgia voters statewide said yes.

Constitutional Amendment 4: To establish rights of crime victims. Provides rights for victims of crime in the judicial process. Floyd County voters provided strong support to this amendment known as Marsy’s Law with 80.70 percent of voters agreeing, while Georgia overall had 80.74 of its voters giving it the nod.

Constitutional Amendment 5: When a school may call for a referendum to change sales and use tax rates for public education. Authorizes fair allocation of sales tax proceeds to county and city school districts. Floyd County voters gave their support to this amendment with 69.13 percent giving it the nod. Georgians statewide agreed with 71.1 percent saying yes.

Statewide Referendum A: Homestead exemption for residents in municipalities located in more than one county. This was the closest vote on both the amendment and the referendum votes, with only 54.57 percent of Floyd County voters saying yes. Statewide, “yea” vote accounted for 57.12 percent.

Referendum B: Provides a tax exemption for certain homes for the mentally disabled. Floyd Countians were in favor of passing this referendum with 75.52 percent of voters saying yes. Georgia statewide also said yes with 76.83 percent of the votes cast.

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