This year’s election will feature a new elections board, a new elections supervisor and a new elections office to create a more secure and efficient elections process for Floyd County voters.

Renovations are currently underway at the Floyd County Health Department. The new elections office will be on the first floor of the building to the right of the main entrance.

Floyd County has been in need of a new elections office and facility for quite some time.

Currently, the office sits in the bottom floor of the Floyd County Administration Building on Fourth Avenue.

Many residents have complained of lack of parking and having difficulty finding the office. Furthermore, there is a lack of storage space for the voting machines and ballot counters. Some of the machines are even being stored in the building that also houses the morgue.

Now, the county is investing over $200,000 into renovating parts of the Floyd County Health Department on 12th Street to create a more secure elections facility.

Right now, they’re mostly in the demolition process, preparing the right side of the building for the office space, according to Floyd County Facilities Manager Ryan Davis. The first floor will also have an area dedicated to offices and a break room for the staff.

The new office will feature a viewing room for ballot counting and Logistics and Analysis testing. There will be a window that looks into the room for poll watchers to use during ballot counting.

This is a major step up from the storage closet in which the elections office currently houses the ballot counting machines. In previous years, people would have to crowd around the doorway to watch the counting.

Security cameras will be installed all around the office, Davis said. The ballot counting room will also have a keycard lock so that only elections office staff can access the room.

The county is also renovating a part of the second floor that will house all of the elections equipment and voting machines so that everything is under one roof. Davis said they’re still deciding on whether to make the room key card accessible or just use a regular key.

This storage area will be completely closed off to the public.

According to County Manager Jamie McCord, the facility will be finished by February and staff will be able to move in early March.

The new elections board will have their first meeting Tuesday at 10 a.m. They will be discussing the move to the health department, staffing of the elections office and other items. The meeting will take place in the Community Room on the second floor of the Floyd County Administration Building at 12 E. Fourth Ave.


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