14th Congressional District Q&A Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is vying in the Aug, 11 runoff to be the Republican nominee in the 14th Congressional District. She owns a construction company. Learn more at greene2020.com.

Describe how you see Congress’ role at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Congress should be standing with President Trump to get America back to work and get our economy moving again while keeping those in the risk group safe. Congress must not bailout these liberal blue cities and blue states that allow rioters and looters to shut them down, destroy their businesses and disrespect law enforcement. This pandemic must not be used as an excuse to force socialism on America. That’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Joe Biden and the rest of the DC swamp want.

What should be done about DREAMers, the young adult immigrants brought to this country illegally as children?

This program is unlawful and must end. Any solution for immigration must include finishing the wall, ending birthright citizenship, and no taxpayer-funded welfare or stimulus checks for illegal aliens. Criminal aliens must be deported, not coddled and subsidized. Democrats want open borders and welfare for illegal aliens as a way to bankrupt and destroy our country. I’m running for Congress to stop them.

Do you support legalizing marijuana at the federal level?

This is a state issue and the federal government should not be involved.

What events do you have planned for voters to get to know you better?

I’m grateful to the 43,000 people who voted for me in the primary. We aren’t stopping. campaigning every single day in a different county. We’re working even harder as the Aug. 11 runoff approaches to send a big message to Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Joe Biden and the rest of the DC Socialist crowd. Northwest Georgians are fed up, we stand with President Trump as he works to Save America and Stop Socialism. We’re taking our country back.

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