Dawson Burnes and Micah Veillon of Model High School, are two of the 45 students selected to present at the 2020 Georgia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium held at the University of Georgia.

At the GJSHS, high school students from across the state present the results of their original scientific, engineering, or mathematical research before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers and compete for military-sponsored scholarships and other awards.

The primary aims of JSHS are to promote original research at the high school level and to publicly recognize students for outstanding achievement. Successful students at the state level advance to the National JSHS and may compete for significant military-sponsored scholarships and other awards.

Dawson and Micah will be presenting their research completed in Model High School’s AP Capstone program.

Dawson’s project “The Efficacy of KT Tape” was submitted in the Medicine and Health category and Micah’s project “Using Quantum Entanglement Through Parametric Down Conversion in a Spread Spectrum as a Mean of Quantum Key Distribution” was submitted in the Physical Science category.

AP Capstone is an advanced academic program that encourages students to learn and apply research and communication skills. Floyd County Schools implemented the program in the 2017/18 academic year.

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