While she has not formally announced, Model area school board member Melinda Strickland has said she plans to run for a second term on the Floyd County Schools Board of Education.

Strickland said she has served in the school system for over 30 years, and has a desire to keep an educator’s voice on the board.

“I have a good educational perspective,” Strickland said. “It’s important to have an educator’s voice on the school board.”

Strickland was elected on the board as a Republican in 2016. She ran unopposed in the general election, but faced Keith Hester in the primary. She defeated Hester overwhelmingly, gathering 69% of the primary vote in 2016.

Jay Shell, who serves the Coosa area, declined to say whether or not he was seeking reelection, but said he will announce soon. In 2019, Shell served as the vice-chair of the board. School board members recently voted for Melinda Jeffers of Cave Spring to serve as the vice-chair for 2020. This is Jeffers’ outgoing year on the board.

After Danny Waits announced his candidacy for the Cave Spring seat on the board, Jeffers confirmed she is not seeking reelection after just one term. Instead, she is planning to retire and move to Maryland to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren.

Like Strickland, Jeffers served in the Floyd County school system for a number of years. Right now she is a vocational coach in Cave Spring.

Danny Waits is the only newcomer who has announced a run for the school board. Jeffers has backed his candidacy.

“If you can earn an elected position, he’s earned it,” Jeffers said. “Anything he can come to, he’s there. He’s done his homework and he asks all the right questions.”

Waits grew up in Floyd County and went to Pepperell High School for a few years before moving to Villa Rica. Presently, he serves as an operations manager for Coca-Cola, but spends some of his free time at school board meetings and work sessions.

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