Now that the Floyd County School Board has voted to close Cave Spring Elementary and Glenwood Primary, Superintendent Glenn White is preparing for the transition and getting students, families and faculty ready to move over the summer of 2022.

“There’s many reasons why we wanted to go ahead and vote on this ... I want to give people a little bit of time,” he said. “In the next couple of weeks, I want to schedule local school governance team meetings between Alto Park and Cave Spring. Start that interaction with the LSGT and some teachers to talk about transitioning and how we’ll work together.”

However, not all of the Cave Spring students will be going to Alto Park Elementary. Those who live along U.S. 27 South will be going to Pepperell Primary and Pepperell Elementary.

The principals of Alto Park and Cave Spring will also meet to discuss the needs of the two schools.

White said they’ll be taking any Cave Spring parents and teachers who want to see Alto Park on scheduled tours between now and the fall of 2022.

“It’s not going to be Cave Spring, but it’s still going to be a great place for our students and teachers,” the superintendent said.

Down the road at Glenwood Primary, the transition process will be less emotional but require more construction.

“When we close Glenwood, we’ll move Glenwood from their location to Armuchee Elementary,” White said.

The new name of that school will be left up to the community.

The seventh grade will be moved to the former Ninth Grade Academy building at Armuchee High School, since there won’t be room at Armuchee Middle after the grades are shifted in the summer of 2021.

Over the summer, they will be adding new restrooms to the building to accommodate the new students, so that the seventh graders never have to interact with the sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“In the process of moving Glenwood to Armuchee Elementary, we’re going to have to have a driveway and parking area to pick up children,” White said. “We’ll have more parents picking up children grades Pre-K to second grade than we currently do at the school.”

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