Anna K. Davie Elementary RCS

Anna K. Davie Elementary School

For the second straight year, Anna K. Davie Elementary found itself on the Georgia Department of Education’s Turnaround Eligible list due to low CCRPI Scores.

The elementary school has historically struggled with test scores.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement website, “Identified schools have a three-year average College and Career Ready Performance Index score that is in the bottom 5% of the state, excluding non-traditional schools and state special schools.”

This year, Anna K. Davie’s schoolwide CCRPI Score averaged at 58.3, which falls well below Rome City Schools’ elementary overall score of 75.8. It also falls significantly below the state average for elementary school at 77.1. In 2018, the school scored a 56.3 on the CCRPI and in 2017, they scored a 55.5.

The turnaround list itself is fairly new to Georgia. It was established in 2017 by House Bill 338, known as the First Priority Act, to offer intervention for schools that are struggling with test scores. The bill allows the state’s chief turnaround officer to identify schools from the turnaround eligible list for intervention.

The intervention can call for drastic measures, from replacement of the school’s principal, to converting to charter management. Allowing charter management would allow the state’s charter management system to come in and change the management system of the school. Intervention could also result in complete school closure, although that is only in extreme cases.

After reaching out to Rome City Schools for comment, they sent a press release regarding Anna K. Davie’s inclusion on the turnaround eligible list.

“While we are concerned about Anna K. Davie’s inclusion on the Turnaround Eligible list, we have seen an improvement in their CCRPI score each year,” Leslie Dixon, director of school improvement said in the press release. “Out of the 105 schools on the Turnaround Eligible list, Anna K. Davie Elementary was one of only 12 schools whose CCRPI Scores improved each year.”

Dixon also mentioned in the press release that RCS created a “District Plan of Support” for AKD. The plan includes different action steps that will hopefully offer the district’s own version of intervention.

According to that plan, some of the steps for intervention included having a reading specialist added to the staff to provide “small group intervention for struggling readers in 2nd-6th grade.”

The school also increased personnel this year to decrease class size. The current teacher to staff ratio at the school is 7.8 pupils per teacher, according to the support plan.

The school system has had a school on the list since the law began in 2017. Main Elementary was on the list but was later removed.

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