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When school system social workers Kirsten Thornante and Jackie Trammell went to a conference last year, they found out about an app they thought was too good to be true called Purposity.

It has been a little over a year since both local public school systems started using it, and they’ve met over 700 needs for local students.

The app allows people to buy things for people nearby who might be in need. Community members can purchase any items found on Amazon through the app. It became too good to be true when they found out it would come at no cost to either school system. This is because Georgia Power pays for school systems in Georgia to use the app that allows people to buy needs through Amazon.

“I think when we found out it was something we were able to launch together, there was no reason not to do it,” said Thornante of Rome City Schools. “We see the needs every day. Our counselors, our teachers see these things. It’s just another resource. It’s not the only resource we use, but it is another resource.”

One of the main reasons they decided to launch the program together is that many students go back and forth between both systems.

“Our whole intention of launching it together is that they are all our kids,” she said.

Once community members download the app and choose “Rome City/Floyd County,” they’ll be able to see the needs requested from school counselors for students. Items community members can purchase range from clothes for students to household items.

Thornante described a time where a family was coming out of a domestic violence case and needed household items like pots and pans. Using the Purposity app, they were able to get it.

“It’s much more efficient than having drives,” said Trammell of Floyd County Schools. Many of the local elementary schools have things for immediate needs, like clothing closets at the schools.

She said they’ll always have that because some needs have to be met quicker than others, which Purposity isn’t for. “We know we’ll get (what we need), but we won’t get it in 24 hours.”

Purposity does help the schools save space. Thornante described the community as generous, but sometimes there simply isn’t enough room in the school’s clothing closets.

All members of the community have to do to get involved with meeting needs through Purposity is download the app on their phone or tablet. After that, they can make a free account and begin shopping for local school children.

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