Model Elementary School was full of yellow and pink on Monday in support of a young student undergoing surgery.

Kaisley Miller, a 4-year-old Pre-K student at MES, underwent chemotherapy from 2017-2018 for alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of soft tissue tumor related to the lining of skeletal muscles. Nine months after being declared cancer-free and in remission her doctors told her that her cancer had returned.

In a July interview, her mother Ashley Carroll, said this time around doctors would have to perform surgery on her daughter instead of chemo due to the high dosage Kaisley received during her first 43-week treatment.

“Last time when she had this, they told us it wasn’t operable and she couldn’t have a surgery to take it out. That’s why she did the chemo and radiation,” she said. “This time they told us her only way of really surviving or trying to beat the cancer would be to have it surgically removed, even though the surgery is very risky.”

Another hesitation Carroll had with surgery was the timing. Kaisley was very eager to start school, her mom said. They decided to let her attend Pre-K from when school started until her surgery on Monday.

Even though she hasn’t had Kaisley for a full school year, her teacher Tabitha Yarborough said she has formed a special bond with the student and has been happy to give her some extra love.

“She’s a regular, energetic 4-year-old,” Yarborough said. “You wouldn’t even know she was sick unless someone told you.”

Vice Principal Patrick Hopper echoed Yarborough, saying “she is a sweetheart.”

Carroll posted personal Facebook status regarding Kaisley’s surgery around 11:30 a.m. to say her daughter was still being operated on and she would receive an update later Monday afternoon.

Donations can be made to support Kaisley through the family’s GoFundMe page at, on Facebook through the Sweet Kaisley’s Cancer Back fundraising page, on PayPal to, or by purchasing “Kaisley Strong” decals and T-shirts on the Kaisley’s Journey Facebook page.

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