Floyd County Schools Board of Education

Floyd County Schools Board of Education

School administrators were made aware of a potential threat at Pepperell High School on Thursday morning and Floyd County police used metal detectors and K-9 units to check the school for any threats.

According to a release from Floyd County Schools:

On the morning of Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019, information was brought to the attention of school administration regarding the possibility of a student possessing a firearm on school grounds. Having identified the student as part of the eighth-grade academy, school administrators and school resource officers Marcus Roberts and Malachi House were able to isolate the potential threat quickly and begin a thorough investigation.

With the assistance of Floyd County Schools’ officials and local law enforcement’s K-9 unit, all rooms and lockers were searched and a handheld metal detector was used to check for the presence of any weapon. After an exhaustive investigation, no weapon or firearm of any kind was discovered.

FCS wants families to take this opportunity to talk about school safety. While peer pressure is great at the middle school age, it is encouraged that students feel comfortable reporting any information they may have that compromises their safety or the safety of others to school administration and the school resource officer. Making a threat of violence or being in possession of a weapon is not a joke — it will lead to disciplinary action and potential criminal prosecution. Working together, families and schools can maintain an environment where students are free to focus on learning.

FCS Superintendent Jeff Wilson and PHS Principal Jamey Alcorn would like to extend their gratitude to the students who spoke up, and to all Pepperell High students, faculty, and staff, as well as local law enforcement for their cooperation in keeping student safety FCS’ first priority.

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