For some gifted students at Rome City Schools, classes don’t end in mid-May. They continue into the summer through the school system’s Young Scholars program.

The program is a week long STEM — science, technology, engineering, math — camp for students who have earned As and Bs throughout the school year and shown good behavior in class, according to LeAnn Goya, who is a gifted certified sixth grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.

Goya oversees the Young Scholars program for rising fifth graders in Rome City Schools.

“We focus on engineering, mainly,” she said. “It’s the kind of things you want to do in the classroom, but you don’t have the time to do them.”

The program is offered to upcoming fifth graders, upcoming sixth graders, upcoming seventh graders and upcoming eighth graders.

During the day, the kids get some outdoor time playing soccer or frisbee, but also spend time in the classroom learning about environmental science, time, chemistry and engineering.

On Tuesday, some of the students were building their own clocktowers, while others learned how to clean up an oil spill. Other students were working on making the perfect playdough.

“My favorite part is probably testing myself and learning how to do more,” rising fifth-grader Isabelle Spencer said.

Aiden Rounds said he enjoys the extra time he gets to spend with his friends as well as to meet new friends in the program.

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