Cave Spring Elementary School

Cave Spring Elementary School, 13 Rome Road, Cave Spring.

The Floyd County Board of Education plans on scheduling upcoming public meetings to discuss the closures of Cave Spring Elementary and Glenwood Primary.

“My plan, with support from the board, would be to go ahead and have public meetings in November and December for Cave Spring and Glenwood and have a vote in January,” Superintendent Glenn White said.

If they vote to close the two schools, the board would then have to make arrangements to transition Cave Spring and Glenwood students. Right now, the board is looking at moving the elementary schoolers to Alto Park Elementary and Pepperell Elementary.

“We need to get community input and let them know the reasons why we’re doing this,” Board member Chip Hood said. “There are people who buy houses in areas for certain schools and the more that we let people plan, the better off they are.”

However, the school closures won’t take place until the summer of 2022 at the earliest, since the school system already has other moves planned for the summer of 2021.

The school system plans to move all fifth grade classes to the middle schools over the summer so that all Floyd County middle schools will house fifth, sixth and seventh grades.

Chair Tony Daniel said multiple parents have messaged him on Facebook, saying they worry about fifth graders having after-school care at the middle schools. They also asked if the fifth graders would be in classes with sixth and seventh graders.

Fifth graders would have their own hall with classes and wouldn’t interact with the other grades, White said. As far as after-school care goes, he said those students will be bussed over to elementary schools for after-school care.

Pepperell Middle School is also preparing to move to its new facility over the summer and Pepperell Primary second graders will move to Pepperell Elementary School as well.

With a lot of moving parts upcoming, the board discussed how to accomplish the transition. They’ll advise teachers that have any personal items or items they want to be taken care of to go home with them. By doing this, they lower the potential of any fragile items possibly breaking during the move.

As far as movers go, the school board said they could either see if the high school sports teams could volunteer or contact Warden Mike Long at the Floyd County Prison to send inmates over to help with the move.

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